Literally Larry

“What are doing, Larry?” Joey walked over to his friends  house amazed by a huge pile of dirt. “Wow, are you building a cave?”

“Joey when your older like, maybe 8, caves aren’t dug by man.  They are naturally dug by something.  I’m digging a hole to China.  Dad told me that you can do it, if you dig long enough.  I’m looking to see how long it takes.” Larry pops his head out of his tunnel long enough to see Joey.  “You want to help?”

“Sure! I can dig.  Or carry dirt.  Or hold a light for you. I never seen any place but here.” Joey climbs and slips down about six feet crashing into Larry. “How do you know if it’s China?”

“I asked my Dad.  He says everything will be upside down.  So if I dig we should see those lights like by the house.  But they will be the wrong way.  Well, the grass will be hanging above them.  It is the other side of the world.  My Dad has been places… Sok I think he really knows what he’s talking about.”  Larry stops to think.

“But Larry, won’t we fall out of the hole on the other side.”  Joey’s six years includes some nasty falls and his voice reflects that.

“They don’t fall off or there wouldn’t be any Chinese food.  My Dad explained it to me.  I eat Chinese once a week. So he’s right.  They didn’t fall off.  Come on!  It’s getting close to wwhere I have to go on in.”

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers , details are

22 thoughts on “Literally Larry

      1. Oh my dear fatal flaw…. The union was suppressing the constitutional freedoms of the States to act in manners not spelled out in the Constitution. New,England planned the first succession, the South used the same argument as New,England after the Louisiana purchase


  1. I remember doing the same — digging a hole to China. My father, the engineer, said if I were precise, I might be able to dig a hole to Australia where I might have relatives from the penal colony days.
    Written just the way 8 and 6 year olds think and an interesting take on the prompt.

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    1. My mind has been compared to seven year old with a giant Pixie Stick. Whoa! Your family escaped from Prison on Australia! You know that will add a day to your sentence unless you flew to the East. 🤔


      1. Not say anything about labels people use but if you call yourself a “Puritan” you know they were a messed bunch. They probably still have the money hidden in the walls of a dilapidated cape cod. Got a cousin who jumped at an aunts house noone wanted?


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