Reflections in Mud

My dire landscape pans beyond

I follow a path of mud to this

Footing gives as will struggles to go on 

Grey skies that will not rain tell things

Storms, fortune and past hide within 

Bursts sneak out to my world 

Lightning frees my soul

Thunder drives it back inside

My green pastures want to grow

Promises of tomorrow, evergreen

My passage across time alters my view

The distance grows, hope shrinks

I wonder which is true the image

Or it’s reflection in the mud pit 

Skies look bluer below than above

Symmetry fails to comfort a soul 

Peace comes from turmoil

Exhaust invented nothing

I wade through the mud

Reality or reflection 

Should I have to chose


2 thoughts on “Reflections in Mud

  1. ‪This is well written! 👌🏼‬
    ‪Happy to connect 💕‬
    ‪Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views! ☺️‬


    Liked by 1 person

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