Sounds of Water  – Weekly Photo Challenge 


34 thoughts on “Sounds of Water  – Weekly Photo Challenge 

    1. I was almost straddled across the first one. It’s a sixty foot drop and not much chance of getting up the water you came. I’m one of those drawn to waterfalls like a moth to a flame


      1. Bridal falls has a whisper for a voice. The cascades up in Tourmaline Meadows speaks in multiple voices. I can’t remember the others. It’s been a few years and a lot of miles. 😉


      2. They alt have a unique voice. I think the lower Hills Falls in West Virginia has the most calling voice. The sound runs through the wood to you and you are blind to it for most of the hike. Then there’s a wooden stair case down to it. It sounds so different when you are in front of it.


      3. Those are awesome! There’s a set of falls on the Big Island called the Boiling Pots. They are huge like melon scooper cut outs. But alas I never been there after a heavy rain to hear them roar. It sounds awesome.


      4. It’s even simpler than that. Magic requires an unseen belief in the world we exist in. The average person can’t believe in anything. We are so pessimistic is hard to understand we still tell kids fairy tales.


      5. You can regain what you lost. You just have to convince yourself what you see and believe can be different. It’s crazy but I remember so many things with wonder. I hold on to that with every sunset, waterfall, and new natural setting. But I have left my inner child free. He’s a pain when drinking sometimes but we all have our proverbial crosses to bare. If it comes with communion first even better😀


      6. It’s a nice thought. I think we lose innocence to fast because, we know what we did at that age. We think watching over then helps but it makes them not care because someone will be there. I had to explain what the hell I was doing. So to encourage belief and free thought seems awesome. I just don’t think kids are allowed to be kids. Disney is the magic.


      7. I still want to believe the rocks my great-granduncle had were dinosaur eggs that would hatch one summer while I was visiting. The twinkle in his blue eyes will always mean magic and mischief to me. He believed in magic til he passed in his late 80s — he saw it in the Catskills and in Nova Scotia. If anyone could see magic, it was him. He kept it going in me for a long time too.

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      8. Every time I think there’s nothing to believe in nature shows me what a fool I am. My faith is built on the wonders of the nature world. Magic is alive and well in my world. The twinkle is the life in the windows of your soul.


      9. Where I lived in Ohio, the next city (an upper middle class snooty place) was adding five houses a day. This was dive by tearing up sixty – eighty year old forest that were 5-15 acres spotted through the whole city.


      10. I don’t think people realize how long it takes trees to grow. I’m sure the insurance companies went crazy about telling people the had to maintain their trees and they would have less coverage from tree damage. Two years ago the Electric company wanted to cut every Ash tree within striking distance if a powerline. So many have been killed or damaged from the ash borer. They took out one at corner of my yard. It was taken out under “they do it for free, or I pay someone by this date”. Ohio let them do as they wish. Don’t want another massive blackout because of my tree….


    1. There have only been three rains in about five weeks. These are low water marks. I’d love to see the middle one with after a good rain. I’m not sure if the heart would grow or disappear


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