Second Hand Hero

I was the rock 

The frame across the picture 

You looked upon me for answers

I made then up well for awhile 

Hiding the darkness

I kept yesterday at bay

Tomorrow was merely stabs

Happiness dies quick, not painless 

It’s  wild ride meant promise 

Time would turn around things

You cling to doubt

Fear is a better lover

It never asks for much

Just surrender

Someday you’ll remember 

The path to happiness 

Lead by half hearted belief

Your second hand hero awaits


10 thoughts on “Second Hand Hero

    1. Yes they do. Life only kicks those who can handle it the fifteenth time in a row. A good second hand hero didn’t need perfection or the spandex suit. Just to know what needs done


      1. At 17, I learned tiger striped spandex was a bad idea. They lady who made then even liked me. So, yeah. I understand. But I smile at the thought she had. I was a victim of older women more than one. 🙄


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