James was never seen again after setting off down the rutted, puddled road.  The voices were very specific. ‘Go alone.  Noone will find what you lost’

    The mist laid heavy across the gate.  Distorted images twisted as the light began to fade away.  Twilight approached with a suddein emphasis.  His shadow lost in stirring breezes

    Her form lead him to places he would never go alone.  The tangle of flesh excedes the want in being irreplaceable.  He suffered from the belief he meant something .   No narcotic, no aphrodisiac, no pain killer offers this high.

    James stared at the mist. Why must love  be this complex. He stepped forth.  The Netherworld awaited.  His smile temporary .   But souls becomes one with fate.

    wRitten as part of a challenge called  Finish off Friday detailsare available at https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/finish-off-fridays-2-james-25-11-16/

      31 thoughts on “James

          1. It was really kind of strange. I had a really weird idea about the last sunset thing. I turned it a bit while writing it. And then I saw your comment. Now, I’m fully vested in there are no coincidences camp.


          1. I seen it come and go. I had a little on the windshield when I left work but not even a 1/4″. I hope this is the early snow. Most here talk of 3 or 4 snow events through out the winter.


          2. I’m not sure because most of them say they get a foot to foot and a half in the whole year. The weather channel send to think they average 21″ of snow. I used to getting half a foot dumped overnight at least eight times plus another couple of storms at last for a few days. So they have me confused about what to expect. They know I’m used to six and a half feet of snow a year.


          3. Hahaha! And if you want to be around snow then you will be happy to drive to Flagstaff. LOL! I don’t blame you. That would be horrible to move somewhere for the nice weather and get the same weather you moved away from.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. It’s so beautiful in the mountains. There’s even a beauty to snow 20 miles distant covering the Mogollon Rim. It’s really cool knowing I’m at 5000 feet and there’s that huge rise that takes up the whole Northern horizon


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