Tale Weaver #94 – Alien Fairy Tales

” Great many parsecs away.  A minor civilization rose.  They sent out all kinds of crazy thoughts.  Images of their daily lives. I was probably your age…. maybe  younger.” Delbar pauses to look at his eldest progeny.  Then back at the sinvet. “We must  keep ourselves worthy of visitations.  Never can say who is watching us.”

He turns toward Ixlili her face smiles but the eyes tell another tale.

“You don’t believe others see us!  Really.  We have ten planets we monitor.  But noone can see us, right?”  Delbar smiles and his eyes lie as well. 

“Ok, get on with it.  Really they watch us.   They can’t tell on me, so I don’t understand.” Ixlili pouts as much as a Denebian Solstem can.

“Ixlili, You will be just like the Earth girl Lucy.  Everyone will laugh at everything you do. Really, they are backwards society.  But society is the same everywhere.”  Nrasde chides her young one.

“Ixlili, noone will visit them for the good parts of the galaxy. Do you really want to have the greys come probe one of us?  No you must be respectable to be seen as visit worhy.  Civilization counts on every one of us.  You’re an example to the sinvet!” Delbar tries reason with a brain starting to sense hormones.

21 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #94 – Alien Fairy Tales

      1. Fifty was the song. But you know technology. “You slip out the back Jack.” But you ” can longer be coy, Roy”. But if you have multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Instagram,…. Then you have 5 slips out. But you’re no longer being coy if the world knows it before she does.


      2. It’s doesn’t necessarily lose mail. Things get caught in time space machinery so it’s only lost in time. That’s why every once in awhile you here about a postcard or letter showing up 50 years later. The government won’t tell you the whole story. Just some cute little number about how the person relocated 30 tines and somehow we still got it there. Noone is watching you, mind the freedom from searches thing. 🙂


      3. Oh, I thought there was a grinding machine at every postal sorting station that had mind-control over the employees so every 456th envelope they sorted would be put in his feeder tray conveyor belt. Digesting us bit by bit — means could leave the probes at home.
        I know no-one is watching me because I watch for watchers.

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      4. That’s only if their work space is 19 x 24. It’s determined by square foot. In a larger station it simply would take too much time to shred that many envelopes. But don’t go into environmental hazard mode because the paper gets recycled into insulation. You know if the postal service did do that. 🕵


      5. What’s more environmentally friendly than getting rid of people and their giant carbon footprint things called houses? It also saves work hours if their is noone to driver mail to


      6. But it is a one time thing opposed to continuously heating and cooling, powering the gadgets, lighting the night up, and cleaning all the dirt we rearrange. Besides you can roast marshmallows on any fire.


    1. Anxiety and rebels that want to conform will always exist as hormones come calling. 😉 It was the hello in 143 languages…. because after 6 or 7 they should understand a greeting. Now we look like people who can’t talk in sentences!


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