Writing Challenge  #140

Jolene hit the road.  Her patience wore thinner than her up turned nose.  It was a matter of principle!  You do not play her for a fool!  No way! No how!

Her companion tries to stay in his watery world.  The bouncing is brutal when you are pressed up against the glass.  Frazier, not his choice in names,  gazes up at the cherry blossoms.  He could use a bite of food.  Princess wouldn’t feed him. 

His hearing is spotless   “You only feed the ones you are going to keep” She said.

The Vespa cries out it’s sewing machine hum.  The road curves and dips.  Her face is plaster.  Rigid as her heart.

“This will not happen again!   How embarresing!”  Her voice chides a stoplight making her an object of attention .   Not by her choice of people.  “It’s the damn fish!  How could it not be the right orange?  We’ll fix this!”

Johnny’s Tropical Reef lies ahead.  The Vespa halts like a scooter in too shallow of water.

Her arms wrap around a bowl half her size.   

“This fish is the wrong orange.  You played lighting trick to get me to buy him!  What kind of fool do you take me for?!”  Her chest raises and falls like a bouncing ball.  Her scrawl takes ugly to a new level.  Her princess looks now borders evil step mother.

“Look Princess!  You bounce that poor fish around on a scooter and is gonna have no color!  I should let you keep him at this point.   You don’t deserve him! ”  Fred leans up against the glass case of tacky pirate ships and purple plants.  His hands chunks of flesh attached to club like arms.  His lack of a neck only apparent when aggetaed.  His tattoos dance as he tightens his muscles.

” Well, he didn’t match my dress!   I asked for an orange fish.  That’s all.” Her prim proper tone is out of place here.

“SSorry no refunds!”  Mike drops back from the end of his imaginary leash and smiles . 


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