Shot in the Dark

The dark clings to the room.  Lights pale it’s stain but shadows control the room.  Old furniture, hand me downs cluster like a second hand store. Together they create a room.  A place for the living.  If in name only.

She waits quietly feigning sleep.  Her not quite slender build waits for her other half to come back from the evening out.  She thinks about what he’s doing. His  friend, definitely not what he needs to spend time with. Her mind crafts what if’s to cleanse her man’s world.

The dead bolt clicks.   Echoes fill the cold rooms.  A foot fall follows another.  Keys hit the counter.  She counts the moments.  is he coming to bed?  Feign sleep, her mind talks to her.

He stands in the kitchen.  What happened?  Did he actually say what he thought?  There’s no way it would happen.  He never gave money.  So it must be just talk.

But that crazy bastard. …

” I’m hoping this doesn’t end bad.”

THe rabbit hole goes to here, then everywhere…

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