My Dear 

My voice echoes things unspoken  

Today faded long into the night

Tomorrow is a ffools paradise

I remember the things once said

Dreams have built shelves of souvenirs

Palm trees and Zuni skulls collect dust

They were once alive with substance

Come back to the light and cast shadows

Long, flexible ghosts out to dance

Reckless abandon was our song 

The band still plays nightly some place

Listen to the call of the night

Remember the moon waiting to show

Dances for the sake not reason

My eyes have seen what can be

Your best dressed in excitement 

Come leave the ttrouble to themselves

The moon calls the tune and vibe

Don’t hold back this time

My dear, time is aa illusion 

It tells you when things have past you

They only have if you listen

The blind don’t read the message 

The deaf won’t be deterred by words

Before the clouds take Brigadon

Climb the silver stairway to elsewhere

You’ll never be the same upon tonight

My dear, we only have ourselves to lose


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