wordless Wednesday 


14 thoughts on “wordless Wednesday 

    1. I had to go into Mesa and my GPS took me through the mountains back up to Payson. I was stunned by the size of it.. and of course the humor in a subtle way to say you want to go there not my way


      1. Hahaha! I drove to Phoenix last year and my GPS kept trying to get me to go through Payson and I wanted to go there from the other direction. I had to fight with the GPS for awhile and make a call to my daughter to help me with it but finally I was able to get there the way I wanted to go. I guess this <Phoenix sign doesn't want the travelers to get lost trying to get to Phoenix.

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      2. My wife treks at me when I such
        study the maps before trips. She can’t read a map to save herself. She loves her GPS, even when it goes bad. She says it needs updated when it’s wrong


      3. What’s hard about reading a map? Could be I don’t read them right. LOL! In fact, that is a high probability. I have to admit though, I do love my Garmin. It brought me home from Phoenix on a route I normally would not have taken and it chopped off about 30 minutes or more from my trip.

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      4. I was put in charge of navigation by my dad at the age of 10 because mom couldn’t read the map. Actually mom had no interest in the map, she just rode in the car.


      5. I successfully navigated Pittsburgh and Boston as a kid. I got lost in Pittsburgh 3 years ago with the wife. A highway ended at the football stadium and there was no way to get back on. We spent half an hour tint to go back where we came.


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