Local Library

When you have no TV or Internet, you sometimes need to find something to do.   In my small little new town options are limited to restaurants, bars and the library.  I chose the latter.   

The library crosses all social paths here.  Like my of your own libraries the first thing that presents itself is the book sale.   Fascinating collection of books that included a Korean cookbook (those were the only English words in it).  I have never cooked Korean food but was curious to why it was in Central Arizona.  There’s a collection of local rocks from a geology club  ( i spent more time here than at the book sale).  A seed sharing program that tries to preserve heirloom plants was hid in a bookshelf.  Therec was also a town activity board.  Last April there was a nature walk!

After I clear the front to gallery, the place opens into a grand room with high ceilings and tons of natural light.  There was half the town at the computers. (ok a dozen people).  So I walked the building.  Fascinating just to figure out a layout.   The shelves were arranged like any normal place in front.  Behind them a secret maze.  These people actually made it a quest to find where the next block of fiction or Dewey decimals would lead.   They wove a pattern through rooms that has glass walls and multiple doors.  Somehow I ended up where I started with a librarian stare at me like I was trouble.  I had collected 2 books by this time. 

The only place more interesting than exploring a strange library is a new grocery store.   Trying to find local things is half the fun in moving here. 


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