Alpha Crazed 

​Written as part of a challenge.

Albeit acrimonious, Beatrice befuddled Cory’s circumstances deranging detailed emotions.  Everyone foresaw feeling gloriously gut.  Her humiliation incured inacurrately.  Justice just keep killing liberally like minded men.

Neither now or occasionally people purposely questioned queries real.  Reading smiles sarcastically.  Thoughts temporarily unsettled utopia.  Vicious vapors weeped while you yearned.  Zooming zealous and amazed.  Beatrice blamed carefully considering dire doubts every element from friends.  Gone glorious happenings.  History is important.  Just jealousy , keywords keep longing.  Lyrics mingling madness.  

Not now! Oh  on purpose que quaint  respond roaring secrets.  Solemn tale. Targeted unfairly.  Unfortunately, victims volunteer.  We weep.  Yesterday yearns.  Zephyrs zip by.

4 thoughts on “Alpha Crazed 

    1. I was on a roll there. The “victim volunteer” and “yesterday yearns” were planned. The rest was “ok what starts with the letter…” Thank you for the kind words😀


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