Light shimmers in is mist

Solid but iridescent 

Glowing but never glows 

Great irritation smoothly preserved

Kernels of wisdom rough to touch

Enlightenment often fought within

Surrender brings the peace 

Peace brings contemplation 

Cycles of nature eons revolving

The lessons are taught after the test

One with nature means paying attention

Controlling is forgetting why we are

Pearls don’t know they Shimmer

Stars don’t know they shine

Others see their light for them  


9 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. Beautiful piece. I love your descriptions. The last three lines are my favourite. But I appreciate the deeper meaning. I had a social studies teacher, she would shake her head at some of the less intelligent students and say she was giving out “pearls of wisdom” and they were passed by. She was a very smart lady, well traveled, and knowledgeable. Had a wonderful dry sense of humor. But pearls are also lovely just as pearls, one of my favourite. Great work.

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    1. I had this in my mind and it twisted a bit. I had a much less edgy finale in mind. But I’m a firm believer in we don’t know when we shine the brightest. And the light we project is a manner of being not effort. Thank you darling☺

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