Mogollon Ridge -Exploring My World 

There is a scar across Arizona.  It runs North West to South East, north of Pheonix.  Surprisingly, the altitude reaches almost 8000.  Not the Valley of the Sun most people think of. The mountains break for a wide green valley.  This green world colored by Ponderosa pines over 80 feet tall.  From up here, they are like berber carpet.

The Rim Road, or Forest Service Road 300, follows the edge fairly closely.  it’s single lane gravel.  Probably best when dry.  No guardrails if you are into those kind of things.  The views are measured in tens of miles here.  I started just north of AZ 87 and west AZ 260

Below on upper left you can see the road. The logs and dead trees are from a forest fires in 1990.  The small pines are about ten feet tall! 

There are Peregrine Falcons and Eagles here.  I had a Peregrine come up from below and fly about 30 feet away.  Close enough to see its colors.  The Eagles were much further away.   There are Elk, Bears, and Cougars through here.   But you’ll probably never see anything but Elk.


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