Meant To Be 

My soul has washed up on

    time’s beach out of place 

My eyes pale and change green to blue

I remember things I have not seen 

I’m certain the corner ahead

    hides my past from view

Shadows cone to greet me 

   with flashes previous

Falth whispers  ” meant to be ”

  ears assemble pieces together

Thousand puzzles with no image

    descend  into view

Tallowed like a glove, they all fit ideally 

Their embrace frees fear to conquer anew

It could be madness or immaculate  

    that fills me now

A mirrors image either way to inner                journeys beyond maps

I was destined to arrive here eventually 

Fields of dreams tucked in beds under

    mystical mountains 

I’m a fulfilled spirit walking amongst

     wishes and prayers

Under a star filed blanket I pause to                reflect the 

History taught me about time and place 

Nature slipped my place  through time

I understand divinity is destiny

   is meant to be 

8 thoughts on “Meant To Be 

  1. Gorgeous. I love “field of dreams / tucked in beds under mystical mountains” and the last lines “I understand divinity is destiny/ is meant to be.” Great imagery and great writing!

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    1. Than you darling. I had the needs under the mountains on first write. I hoped it sounded better this way. I was in ER with my cracked head, mentally writing this down. My motivation was a view from high up of about 80 miles of valley with rows of mountains in the purplish haze. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the rare occasion I actually wrote out and had to make a post for it. I’m more spontaneous when writing. I had one of those ideas you want to capture and had to go back to it. 🙂 Thank you my dear

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