I Saw the Light – Six Sentence Stories 

The horizon stretches across a green valley neatly kept in place by rugged mountains.  The sun light streams into the bowl of evergreens leaving a haziness in the dustance.  Rough granite tears up the ground to show rough edges that sparkle.  

A solitary figure watches nature’s enlightenment.  A quick step and a log gives way careening to the valley.  

Star light dances within the head of the hiker as boulders break his fall.

25 thoughts on “I Saw the Light – Six Sentence Stories 

    1. Apparently my guardian angel was taking a break at the time. Or was texting and flying….looked up from phone and said “Oh shit”. then did just enough to keep my head from breaking the side of the mountain.


      1. I’m not sure which direction or price. I would say the older I get the better I’m positioning myself. When you’re too old to keep doing certain things you become the example not the culprit


      1. My ribs are much worse than the head. I saw flash of light and heard a chime sound when I hit. About 2 hours later the headache was gone. My ribs aren’t so forgiving.


      2. Wow, you really hit your head hard! Seeing a light and hearing a chime sound — you’re lucky you weren’t hurt even worse. Sorry about your ribs. I have had broken ribs before and it is painful. Yours may or may not be broken but only bruised.. Hopefully, they are only bruised.

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      3. They are bruised. I went to ER. My wife 1930 miles away was worried that I cracked my skull. I went because my head was bleeding an hour later, which was the drive home. I have had bruised ribs before. The dr mashed on my side and since I didn’t let out a blood curdling scream, they aren’t broke. 🙂


      4. Nope! I would go back out there again by myself. I was out on top of Diamond Point talking to elk hunters watching the supermoon. She thought I was going to get shot by people who hunter after dark


      5. That is what I do. I have never killed myself yet. Some of what I have done you think it would have happened already. But the reason tightrope walkers keep going is because they don’t think they will fall. 😉


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