My thoughts race like water downhill

I braid together how it should be

Ideas of soft sounds percolating 

Mixed with hard fast truths

Calm quietly conquers in a vacuum

We mistake isolation for alone

It’s better to be the little stream  free

Than the river damned and held down 

Soaring to new heights means rising

Leaving the ground for Lofty things

Clear air treats toxic situations 

Running water moves souls 

There aren’t many city hideaways

Follow the Eagle as it soars higher 

Listen to the breeze and find its source

Follow the water to where it’s free

Is your own soul that will be free

Or maybe it’s another Lofty goal


8 thoughts on “Lofty

  1. Lovely poem about nature and the freedom of this stream. The picture caught my right away, sharp and vivid shot. Looking from where you are it almost feels like you could be high high above the grand canyon and taking a picture of long ago, when water carved through it. Great poem!

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