Diamond Point- Exploring My World

Today, I stepped out into the Arizona Sun.  My restless shoes have been dirt free for a week.  New life in a new place.  Simply put, this  will not do.

I go to the License Bureau to become a real Arizonan (sand cutter).  I hear of a place involving diamonds!  Ok called Diamond Point.  I break out the Google Apps on the phone…. it’s 15 miles from me!  Restless shoes are about  to find dirt. 

Anyone in the area?  Well, East of Payson on AZ 260 by 15 miles, you’ll find a little road to Tonto Village.  The lovely people pave the first 2 miles for you too!  The rest is called dirt but really sand and gravel.  You can do it in a car.  Lower riders maybe not after bad weather.  

There are several campsite spread out along the six mile drive.  The views are strictly forest going up.  There exist trails from people like me looking for quartz crystals.  The forest service maintains the area and may have trails on theirs maps.  Ponderosa pines cover most of the area which makes it a nice hiking place. But there’s thing to find here.

That is a quartz crystal!  One side has a point and the other part of one.  The actual size is about that of a large fingernail.  There are two ways to find them.  Using a shovel or hand trowel ( perfectly  legal here !) Or look on the ground near water run offs, stream beds, drainage pipes along the road.  I found this in leaf liter near a dry stream sitting out in the open.

Oh yeah!  There’s one hell of a view from the top.  The elevation is about 1000 feet above the Valley below.  You can see several rows of mountains.   They were doing a prescribed burn yesterday and today and some logging too.  Don’t go near either operation.

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