Out of the Darkness

Something to read and consider. After all, we may not be truly alone but many think they are

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Ending the stigma against mental illness is a big part of my blogging.  It is why I share my own diagnosis and feature other people’s stories of mental illness; it is why I co-host a separate blog, Letters to the Mind, where other people can post their stories of living with mental illness.

If you’ve been following my blog for over a year you know that we suffered a great loss to suicide in August of 2015, which lead to a poem about that loss, three articles, and the #ASKFORHELP poetry challenge. One of my firm beliefs, as someone with a mental illness, and as someone who has frequently felt there was no way out other than death, I believe that Isolation Kills! And the only way I know to end the isolation is to talk, share, and educate those around us so that the fear for mental…

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8 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness

  1. Well that didn’t work. I hung up on Wednesday, she took a bunch of pills, called her toxic crazed sister who called Emergency Services for her. She’s in a physc. ER and her jerky husband who is at the core of this is giving out NO information. She went and did this directly after an exasperating phone call with me where she refuged to reach out to folks who could help, and I told her she had to. So I feel guilty, hubby’s shifting blame to me and giving out no info like how she is doing, if we can call, write or visit, and I feel like it’s my fault because of what I said in the phone call that made her do what she has threatened to do so so so often. I should have known last night was different — as one suicide to another.
    Sorry about the rant. I’ m kinda raw right nowl

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    1. Never apologize for expressing yourself. You are fully entitled to be heard. The fact she took pills then called someone means she probably regrets doing it. I’m sure the husband will blame you. He would never blame himself (we look for scape goats). I would imagine his lack of info is a juvenile approach to make up for the lack of control he had in her situation. I had a previous wife who liked doing the pill thing and she would call 911 20 minutes later. She did this 4 times with me and another 6 times before me. I was probably a bit crass with my in- laws who let me dangle the first 3 times she did this, only to revel it on fourth try. We ask have our motivations. Yours is to get her help that works. Hers may be being lost among a life she desires and what she has with the husband. His maybe why is it happening to him. I’m guessing that is his path. You can’t place yourself in her mind. But you can feel this she might feel. Collect yourself and when you get the chance talk it over with her. You care enough to help. That’s big. 🙂


    1. It’s an awkward thing. There are things that are not easily understood on both sides. I can’t related to those feelings and you probably don’t see why people think you can just stop thinking that it’s a snap decision. Stick around awhile I look forward to seeing you here! 🙂


      1. Thanks. I’m dealing with a suicidal sister in law who refuses to call any of the help lines #s I give her, and uses me of all people as her crisis councilor. She thinks because her childhood abuse happened in Sicily, no-one here will understand. I keep trying to make her see that abuse and rape are not culturally exclusive.
        Think I’ll have to call one of these lines to find out how to get her to call. My own mental state isn’t strong enough to support both of us.

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      2. Sometimes we help ourselves more through others. If you are putting time into her crises terr is less time for yours. 😀 That kind of trauma causes wounds that never heal well. Self worth is hard to regain, and if you never had it impossible to understand. Good luck to both of you darling.


      3. We don’t always know we are acting stupid. Have you tried telling her they were nice patient people that made sense? She’s obviously conformable with you and may think you are more together than she is.


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