Night Visitors 

Hiding behind the tree is a yearing male Elk.  I decided to put something in the car and steal a look at the sky.   Apparently, he doesn’t know what to make of me. Nor I him.  


13 thoughts on “Night Visitors 

    1. That was what I saw when I thought I would put something in the car for work dive I had to leave at 430am to drive to Phoenix. I’m used to seeing raccoons. I don’t carry a flashlight or make noise.. maybe I need to change that here. He is at the neighbor’s house in picture, he started in front of mine


    1. There is at least another yearling. I actually realized how stupid it was to step out where he could see me. 50 feet from him and back to the door. He’s much faster and I has no idea if or where others are. There is a small herd that wanders throughout the trailer park. But they spread out

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