Granny –  Photo challenge ##37

“There is my Granny.” Margaret stops mid sentence. ” I  was about your age when this was taken.  She grow her own food…. raised  chickens.   She was alone most her life but tough as nails.  I always aaskd her why she never moved to the city with us.  She just smiled and said ‘everything I need is right here’.”

Dillon looks up with five year old eyes.  “Granny, she’s really old.  Did she give you any chickens?  Did you get to play with them?”

“You didn’t play with her chickens! They were her food and money.  I grabbed a peep once.  She had a fit.”  She gets lost in memory. 

“Maybe you should get some chickens.  I’d help you with them.”  Dillon smiles at his Granny.

“There are times I wish I could.”  She says quitely


12 thoughts on “Granny –  Photo challenge ##37

      1. When you are in the car you have few choices. Argue with wife because you ate trapped in same car. Fall asleep because you drove forever. Find a Spanish radio station and figure out the words. Or get philosophical. I’m really bad at Spanish and been married long enough to know I’m a bigger idiot energy day. 😉


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