12 thoughts on “Whole Or Skim Milk?

  1. Hi Mark,

    I didn’t read the link… but I am offering my opinion for you and your readers.

    When changing from one fat content to another you have to slowly downshift. I grew up drinking 2%. Whole milk has always tasted to me gross. In my late 30s I decided I needed to lose weight. And I was a big milk drinker. It’s my favorite beverage and most of the foods I like contain milk. Myself and my son would go through a gallon of milk a week.

    I was already a steady 2% drinker so I downshifted into 1%. At first, of course, I wasn’t used to it so it didn’t taste great. But I did get used to it. And drank that for about a year. Then I downshifted again to 0%. And I didn’t buy the gallon size to begin with. I got the half gallon. Ultimately I did not like any of the mainstream brands and decided to go for organic and see if that was any better.

    I switched to Organic Valley fat free grass fed milk. And immediately loved it. It was richer in taste than the 2% but not fatty like a whole milk. And the taste was consistent. Have you ever bought milk, same brand & fat content and have it taste different each time? I have, it is not a pleasant experience. I did not get that experience with Organic Valley. After my first 2 half-gallons (I continued to buy my son 2%) I switched to gallon sized.

    Ultimately, I switched most of my “milk” consumption to almond milk but there are some recipes which require the taste of cow milk so I am back to buying half gallon Organic Valley fat free grass fed milk, but with a half gallon of almond milk for cereal and to simply drink. My son is an adult now so I don’t have to buy him milk.

    Here is a link to a rating system of Organic Milks. It talks about the organic milk industry and then explains how it rates the manufacturers. I found this today, just for you, and I was thrilled to see that Organic Valley is one of the top-rated brands! The photo, by the way, shows two brands. One has the highest rating and the other the lowest. I tell you this just so you don’t assume they are both the best.


    Have a great day!

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    1. Many thanks for the info! ☺ Now that the move is partially done. I have time to read more. I love organic milks flavor and almond milk is a mixer when I make smoothies. It’s really a good alternative.

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      1. Yes, I use almond milk with smoothies too! If I want chocolate I use the Silk Dark Chocolate (like for banana smoothies). Sometimes I’ll mix it up and use an almond milk that includes coconut flavor.

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      2. I never thought of chocolate almond milk… I wish I had my blender with me to try it. It’s on a moving truck somewhere between Ohio and Arizona! What all goes in the banana smoothie? I have bought coconut water with chunks to add banana/strawberry ones


  2. This is an interesting article Mark. I’d read about it before. I’m not about to start drinking whole make or 2 percent unless I must, but I will stick with one percent over skim for the reason that some of that fat is good for you. I think Greek yogurt which I like to eat, is similar. Usually I buy 0 percent, I buy a whole box, than every few weeks switch it out for variety, for other flavours and Greek yogurt with 1 to 2 percent fat. There is something too this article forsure. Oddly enough, I can’t drink the milk in any state I’ve been in, it makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe the cows eat different there? Or there is more whey in th milk? I have a slight food intolerance to too much whey. So I don’t know. Tanks for sharing. Hope everything is well with your move and the new job!

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    1. The diet of the cow would affect the milk greatly. Strangely enough, pollen allergies can be regional to the degree of misery, so food allergies might be as,well. I usually avoid no fat items because they add sugar to restore flavor. I have altered diet to avoid artificial sweeteners and have stayed with whole milk. My digestive tract has acted up in last couple years. I found I’m better with normal foods despite extra calories I’ve lost a few pounds.

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