” I love the view of the old bridge.” She almost sighs as she talks.

“Yeah, it’s a good view of river from  here.”  He’s a bit more melancholy.

“Come on we should go down there and hike by the river.”  She tugs at his arm. 

“We would be moving faster than up here on the road.” His face painted brake light red. “The view is the only thing good about road construction.”


14 thoughts on “Bridge

      1. It’s a question of belief in Good things happen to the right people. Of course, we know the world is rainbows and unicorns. Ok my world is loaded in rainbows lately. I’m waiting on the unicorn to show up.


      1. They are guaranteed the funds and most of the $$ goes to start project,and then spaced out based on projected time. But never a rock solid finish date.. it’s crazy but the way it works

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