I look upon similar views

They are changed slightly

Features subdued, colors faded

Landmarks altered and worn

My eyes pick out differences

My brain ignores similarities 

I not longer part of here

I haven’t left, but will

Time will bury these things

Sands through hour glass deep

I stare like a stranger at home.

You have parted but not separated

We ghosts of the past trapped

My fishbowl seen for first time

The outside waiting for me

We all know it’s happening 

We dance around the facts

Not together but to separate music

They clash, contrasting get who we are

We are ghosts in the daylight

Pale reflection of what we were

In time we go separate ways

The road untouched will claim me

I’ll drift to places distance

My eyes will form new markers

My brain will make similarities 

Home will be home but not again
“There’s a feeling I get,

When I look to the west.

And my spirit is crying to leave here”

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 

14 thoughts on “Separate 

      1. The $55 plain wood kind that the federal government requires for a loan type. I’m not a carpenter or able to handle more than eight pieces to a puzzle that involves tools


      2. I lack the blood to be handy with tools. I ran an auto parts store. My employees laughed because every customer knew I could fix anything. No! None even close. I did change a transmission with help. And rebuilt part of an engine. But I never had the mr fix-it thing. 😉


      1. Yes there are relationships and interactive ones. The house is very subtle in its interactions with us. It’s crazy but so many times the inantimate world is forgotten. It’s our expecting a human reaction not the worlds passing instead. I look upon my time here as a visitor today. I know I’m leaving. I know another family will sit where I sit. Another person may or may not stare in wonder of the place in the world and it’s special colors, textures, smells, animals. It’s unique, as everywhere is. But it’s been part of me. As I am part of it. The trees I planted and plants I cared for will stay. It’s a friend I am saying good bye to. 🙂

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      2. Yes of course so well written and this world is so much of an illusion that we do not know how to come out of it unless we are grounded and know that we are all visitors and this is our journey of the soul. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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