The Trailer

Margaret looks through her blinds.  Her neighbor has the trailer again.  His loud truck growls.  Her poor little Roxy hides under the table.  Shuddering at the noise.

She looked at her window.   The trailer had something under a blue tarp. 

“He’s a crazy!”  Margaret speaks to the nervous dog.

Roxy wags her tail.

“Let’s go for a walk.”  The words crawl from her mouth 

The trailer calls her.

Outside she sees an arm hanging out beyond the tarp.

“Oh my God… I knew it he is a killer!” Margaret walks dragging a dog behind her.

“It’s Halloween!!” A booming voice calls from the door.  A less than crazy man stares at the neighbor from hell. 

17 thoughts on “The Trailer

      1. I’m thinking more about what I should write because I lack time. But Offer is in. Not good offer but it’s an offer we can live with if wifey stays til December. 🙃


      2. The VA loans take 6 weeks to close. So we have to pay for mortgage and utilities in house. There will be things to be moved out after I leave. Mostly to be thrown out.


      3. Wow, it is unbelievable that ya’ll are so close to moving to AZ. I hope your wife is okay with having to stay until the end of November. Good thing you have sold the house and hired a moving company to move ya’ll.

        Liked by 1 person

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