Wordle #126 – Your Portrait 

My keepsake box of 64 crayons opens.  

“How do I deconstruct thee?” I search your alexihymia zone. Surprisingly vacant as usual “Do I color you filth or seduce? That’s a question of a before or after image.”

“I accessorize you in bedizen plastic.  Your hair into a bee hive. For the wraith of part stings of the tongue.  Convex curves from the hole where a heart once beat.”

Written as part of a challenge called Wordle, details are available at https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/wordle-126-october-24th-2016/


9 thoughts on “Wordle #126 – Your Portrait 

  1. I have had most hair colors naturally. I was born with jet black hair and kept it through infancy, it then changed to Ronald McDonald red for a while, then it went to strawberry blonde, Now it is mostly brown with a bit of red and blond mixed in. Once I have white/grey hair I will have covered the full natural spectrum! Excellent work here Mark

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