Wordle 271 – Birth to Death 

We plant a thousand ways to thrive.  Birth spent upon future wakes. We delve into telling the story of that break yet to come.


60 thoughts on “Wordle 271 – Birth to Death 

      1. I’m thinking more of questionable occupation hazard combined with charming another of possibilities… and some poor schmuck stampeded. Woman would be lovely buried with all of her precious things. Our way of getting rid of things.☺


      2. On my computer, it has to be by key stroke and your devilish smile looks kitten like on a PC running Windows 10. I suppose I could add an app, but then I just got a phone smart enough to do that and I’ve added 3, none of which are sexy, play music, are emojis, or write your blog posts for you.

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      3. Once they figure out we control when they get charged with life giving electricity, we’re doomed! They will lock us out of email, twitter, Internet and Facebook. Mankind will last for 39 minutes and 48 seconds. Womankind too (I don’t want to appear sexist)


      4. I seen it in 1982 and on big screen around 1997 on big screen. I dressed up in a chimp suit with a bone and when I got down beating a monolith with the bone it looked like Arizona.


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