Ransom – Tale Weaver 

It’s with great horror I open the door.

A note!

Unique characters. Beautifully crafted work.  Such style and grace!  Uhh…

“No! Oh,no!” My eyes bulge from their sockets. “What does it mean?! What did they take? Who are they?  Why do these evil people have such good taste in crafting a note?”

I’m horrified.   Still drawn to the pretty letters.  I’m sad.  I’m feeling a lose.  How could someone just take my most precious thing?

“What’s missing?” My mind crafts pictures

“My Commander Ren and Stimpy action figures!  These are sick people! Twisted! Deplorable!  No, they are still here on fireplace mantel.  Next to Grandfather’s mantel clock from 1896.” The pain of being lost on thought decries my voice.

“Oh snap!  It’s my leather bound set of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Oh these are ruthless sickest.  They probably parked in front of the fire hydrant too.  Or the Handicapped space.” My feet pick up the pace.

“Oh it’s still there!  What the hell did they take?!” Anger surfaces within me “Where’s my wife?  They took Collen! Oh,they’ll return her in about two hours.  Unless she’s bound and gagged.  Then I have the afternoon free.”

“Who are you talking too!” A voice comes through a door.

“Oh, I thought you were kidnapped.  I had this note.  My most precious is gone.  I can’t figure out what it is?  Isn’t this crazy?”  I try to reason with her

“You idiot!  The dog!  They took the dog!”  She reminds me in a very hostile way.

“Oh that’s what’s missing?  Well, they get in touch.  It says so right here on the note.” I’m relieved.


18 thoughts on “Ransom – Tale Weaver 

  1. Great tail-weaving — guess you’re a cat person!
    Nice build of tension — what’s missing (tells a lot about you); the bastards who did the dastardly deed; I see the wife is low on the list, lol. Does she read your blog?
    Thanks for participating in Tale Weavers. Always a treat to see your name in the blenza via that damn mr. linky (we don’t get along).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s not my wife’s name and this is fiction. 🙂 No, she doesn’t read my writings. Better that way😉 I have nothing against dogs. After all, Ren is a dog. Just because I have these items doesn’t make this any kind of confession….err….Like I said purely fiction😉 Mr Linky is a control freak!


      1. I would only get a dog to punish the cats. We had a terrier briefly. Every time a cat went by the roo. The dog would jump up and see where cat was going. Cats don’t take kindly to this. Dogs tend to get popped in the snout by certain animals. If he was smart enough to learn after a few times maybe we have a dog still


      2. We had a cat that knew exactly how long the beagle (uncle’s) chain was. So, he would sashay up to the dog, dog would chase cat, cat would run past the length of the chain, dog would choke like in cartoons, again, and again and again. Beagles are not brilliant nor known for their brains by zombie dogs. (I assume zombies have pet zombies. I’m not into zombies so I don’t know.)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. My outside stray is in that category. He looks good but scared of me half the time. he sits out in the rain under the bird feeder. The birds don’t often eat in rain. But he’s a handsome Tom cat!


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