November Rain

Winds swirl and throw rain

Slate grey skies choke light

Trees shake their last leaves

Cold damp air tears at world

Raw feels convey the changes

Red and yellow leaves cover grass

They fade as they mourn their passing

Above them branches sway wildy 

The rain pounds out change

It’s teeth dig into flesh

Cold transcends everything

Life takes cover as storms rage

Winds of change sweep clean

Summers warmth gone away


19 thoughts on “November Rain

      1. Chaos seems to think I need organizational assistance. We have reduced stuff. But spent 2 hours going over the professional movers item list. I have one box of clothes down. Yes the weather should be awesome…. despite a foot of snow each year. The long range forecast for the winter is unbelievable for Arizona. I’ll pay for this somehow


      2. As long as it’s a surface wound and there are less than a thousand sharp pointed teeth borne on the wings of a coconut laden swallow allows looking on the bright side of life


      1. I’m still in Ohio. I’ll start new place November 7. My move is November 1. I’m getting excited about it. I went through cold rainy day and the new home it would have been 72 and sunny. It’s close

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