Selling Your House

Your realtor is an idiot hell bent on the most money possible.  Since their commission is based on the selling price, you may hear your place is worth more than you thought. It is but only to the commissioned salesperson.  I set my house with the most reasonable person.  And he doesn’t return phone calls!  So here I am with a reduced price.  I had to force an open house too!

In the event you think home destruction is too much work.  Plan to give your house away.  Sell it for 10-15% less than you believe it’s worth.  Your realtor will fight you, but your days will go quickly.  Your stress will be little.

Oh yeah, throw everything you like out.  It’ll help


33 thoughts on “Selling Your House

  1. I just came across your site by chance. I am in the process of selling my house in the UK, but in three weeks we’ve only had three viewers, all of which were the result of an open house. I told the estate agent at the outset that the figure at which he valued it was too high, but he insisted on putting it on the market at this higher price. Now, three weeks later he says we should reduce the price to what I suggested in the first place!

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    1. I share your pain. We received an offer 12% below our asking price with all kinds of conditions. We got a little bit back, but it’s pending now. We did way too much to fix up the house and got little back. I wish you luck in selling your home. It’s tough when they want to write their own check for commission.

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  2. Yikes, sorry you’re having issues. We’ve always had friends who were realtors, that helps a great deal, having someoneyou can trust. And you really do have to clear the house of all personal affects. And if it’s not looking newer it’s true, you get less. But on the other hand, realtors told my Parents when selling Grandma’s and Baba’s houses, don’t bother doing anything, even painting, people will do what they want anyways. Hope you got an okay price.

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      1. I agree. I’ve only moved once yet with my family back in grade 12. Our house was practically bare and we always had to keep things clean and neat so at a moment’s notice, you could leave and have someone see the home. I hear fruit on the table is very nice, in a lovely bowl ( and less expensive than flowers) and if you have some kind of scent ( I think ones even in an oil warmer would do) of baked cookies are bread., it very much adds to the homey element.

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  3. When I sold my mother’s house, I got an early offer — too low EVERYONE told me, so I waited. They wanted the house a bit too soon, and it would have been difficult to meet their deadline doing it on my own.
    Guess what, a long time later, a lot of grief and repairs, I sold it for about the same price. Listen to your gut, not EVERYONE else’s!


    1. I hear this all the time from our clients, we offer cash for properties and people assume that as it’s slightly below market value offer that it’s underselling, months later after spending money on repairs, maintenance etc they call back to see if the same offer is still on the table. Check the area and see how fast things are selling, if things are stagnant on the open market services like ours may not be all that bad an option.

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      1. There are few properties in the price range. The average selling time is 45 days. I’m at half that now with 14 showings. We were “priced to sell” and supposed to be slightly below market value. However, it seems with no offers and few good comments we were lead astray. We actually have put in several updates and the cash to buy home thing are flippers here. Noone is going to pay close to want we want and flip the house because the roof and a couple windows are only thing left to do


      2. In the UK we are about 9 weeks on average to sell, but your average of 45 days is really good and at halfway you still have time. The only thing I would say is a new roof in the UK would be a big sticking point, do you have the budget to get that done ? and then you could raise your asking price a little too. A new roof could be a deal clincher and would look great on the listing to potential buyers.

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      3. Oh ok misunderstanding on my part, well best of luck with it, looking forward to the post about the final sale going through in the near future.

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  4. The market sets the price, not the agent. A good realtor will run a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) of 4 or more similar homes to yours that sold in the past 3 months.

    Most realtors will put the home on the market on the high end, reducing the price if there isn’t any interest.

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    1. There aren’t 4 comparable homes in my area. And shouldn’t he call me not someone else when it’s time to “correct” the market value. It’s not like it’s our biggest asset, and from outside it seems if it sells we are both happy. But the truth is my agent has a 100% listing price rating! No one tells you if he drops the price three times and the final list price is what you get, the rating is still good. I’m a customer buying a service. He’s the pro. I should never have to call him twice to get an answer

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      1. Well they had it ready to repost before they talked to me. I was told it could be done right away. When the realtor never called me, it didn’t change the listing. But after two calls to him, he called back and said “oh, you want $154,900 not $155,000”. I never mentioned dropping to a certain price. It’s really distributing, and he has managed offices for his company


      2. You’re right, He shouldn’t drop the price w/o speaking to you first, or explaining why he wants to lower it by $100.

        There are different rules depending on state. In NY if a house is listed on a multiple listing database then the seller must sign and approve any changes (especially pricing) to the original listing.

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  5. Um ‘streets will be little?” Were you meaning perhaps “STRESS will be little?” I agree with you. But finding a realtor that isn’t a total waste of time is the toughest part of the job. Good for you for sticking to your guns!

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