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“Squirrel! Come on!  Come on!  UGGH! He’s gone..” Buddy drops his nose.  At least get a whiff.
“Easy! Calm down Buddy.  Ripping off my arm shortens the walk. There are other squirrels.”  Mike tries to look at the park between tugs.

“Ssssshhhh! There’s another, stop. Stay still. Ok, slowly walk to the left.  Come on!  Move it!  His back is turned.  We can get him.” Buddy leans and begins to drag his human 

“Easy!  Easy! Buddy! We don’t want to get bit on the nose again do we?”  Mike sees the squirrel too.

“I’ll behave.  Really!  Just a bit closer!” Buddy speaks between panting.  Leaning hard enough to not need his front feet on the ground any more.

Mike looses the lead. Buddy is off like a shot.

“Buddy stop!  Now! Buddy!  Buddy!”  Mike yells as he tries to run after the dog.

Barking tells him where Buddy went.  Behind a grove of trees, a circle of squirrels  have their query in sight.

“You think it’s funny chasing us!” The leader steps toward him.

Buddy looks side to side barking.  They have caught him.  

Mike looks at the squirrels and his dog.  “He has got to be the dumbest animal ever.  Just like last time he got bit.”

The squirrels see the human and bounce off like they are innocent critters.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/fffaw-challenge-week-of-october-18-2016/

18 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. There is simple. We complicate things. Baba ( I love that name) is at ease with the world. Animals tune into us. We tend to want to think the world needs to be understood . It’s us who need to relate. 😎


  2. Very true Mark. Dogs love chasing squirrels and pretty much any small creature. My Nikki cornered one once above our back door. The squirrel looked like it was about o have a heart attack. Funny they stand up against the dog and he never learns after getting bit. Usually the learn lol. But I guess not all. Great write!

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    1. I’m a cat person so I’m a bit prejudice. My lab was really handsome but a brick could work him over. So I see a dog getting bit because the squirrel is a toy. Actually, I have fun with the dog thought part. Animals are simple, like we should be. 😀🐶

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      1. Some animals are simple. And then others, see things better than humans. I don’t always think instincts and their love for their masters, is so simple.

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      2. There are fish that recognize their owners. There are snakes and lizards that know who cares for them. I think the animals have a better feel for us than we have for them. The familiar that witches keep are said to be tuned into the witch. Maybe the witches know the animal body language. I understand more body language than most, so my critters talk well to me. But I’m been described as something wrong with me

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      3. Lol. I don’t think so Mark. Some people just are good with animals it’s innate. My Baba (Mom’s Mom) has mental health issues. Sometimes she wouldn’t communicate so well with people because she was having an episode or just tired out easier. But dogs loved her. The dogs who bit the kids etc.. cuddled up to my Baba. Even my Nikki who even nipped at my brother – 4-years younger than me at like 25 when she passed, let Baba pet her now and then. It was so weird no one else but someone in.our immediate family could pet her. She would growl at my Grandma if she tried but not Baba. Enjoy your week 🙂

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