GMO, Its Safe Really 

If you are able to remember a Story call Soylent Green, you’ll appreciate this.  Those who may have missed the story, when you died you would be recycled to be used to….. Help the next generation thrive!  Ok.  You were old you were worthless and turned into something like ricecakes.  And the movie has a theme based upon finding this out.  It’s actually a good movie.  I digress.

So we come into the world where the seed companies say we can alter a plant to make it better for production by eliminating weeds.  Basically, weed killer doesn’t kill the corn or soy.  Just the weeds.  The weed killer bonds on to proteins. You eat the weed killer bound to the GMO corn or soy because it bound to the plant protein.  They are resistant to the weed killer but still take it in!  It’s safe, the manufacture bought congress to say so…. Oops! They claim it’s safe even though it binds to your proteins inside your digestive tract.

So the company called Soylent.  They as shown above say they are perfectly safe.  As truly stated humans have been messing with our crops for a long time .  Radiation and selective breeding have lead to new varieties.  After a hundred years, nothing extratrodinary has come of it.  But so far we have a recall in the release of Soylent 2.0, because of gastrointestinal issues.  Where do toxins rest in your body first?  The fats are second.   Please go to the Soylent website to see  their side.  It’s safe trust them.

Sorry, I’ll stick to plants that require human labor and won’t leave toxins in my muscles.


14 thoughts on “GMO, Its Safe Really 

    1. If it was just old school splice and dice, but gallons of roundup poured like salad dressing on anything corn, soy, potatoes, etc. All to prevent weeds from stealing fertilizer from the crops. And those fertilizer chips wash away and create algae blooms in the water.


  1. Charlton Heston was warning us! Really. You probably have the poison in you. These are the type that bind to the protein in your organs and muscles. Peanuts are too valuable, soy is the favorite source.


  2. I’ve got food allergies so I still don’t know what happens if they put the dna of an allergen into something “safe.” Like putting peanut dna into something to boost fat and protein and kill me.
    I also poisoned myself several years ago with bug-barrier, so I’m thrilled to have more of the same put into my system.
    If they called themselves and product Soylent ya gotta wonder. Great movie, ain’t it.

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    1. To see the video of the guy who owns the company saying they like to use GMO sourced foods is scary. I really find it strange and Organic company is OK with pesticides in the food


      1. Monsanto has plenty of politicians on their payroll. Writers for newspapers and magazines find themselves without jobs if thee say anything bad about them in Farm country


    1. I wish it was that easy. Genetically modified can be organic. The labeling was destroyed in the US in August. You can scan a can and see if it maybe GMO. But anyone who uses a GMO source is labeled as “Partially produced from Genetic Engineering”. Good luck. Once round up is in you, well it doesn’t leave. There’s always hope you can flush it out. About thirty websites offer test kits, not many offer how to rid yourself of them

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