It Came From Craigslist

There was an ad

Someone emailed

They said do you have it

Does it work? Really?  Can I see?

Will you pay me to take it?

I mean isn’t it free?!

I remember having one

It was stolen

Is this it?

When did you?

I really need this toda

Can I come by at 7?

Oh, I meant Monday at7

You will take half price

I mean I think it was mine

Remember it got stolen

Before you got this.

Sorry I was coming over

My sick dog

Well, his son’s school bus

Ran over his mother in law

I had to take off work

But tomorrow!

I’ll be there

You still have it, right?


9 thoughts on “It Came From Craigslist

      1. When my sister was looking for a place to live after she moved back here from Arizona, I answered some ads on Craigslist for her because she didn’t have internet. I am still fighting all the calls from “Unknown Names and Numbers” that are coming from scammers. I will not answer ads on Craigslist anymore or will be very very careful.

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