Photo Challenge #134 – Charcoal 

I keep score.  Behind your back.  I mark the passage of time.  In heartbreak.  Moments black as the lines I draw.  You are blind to them, as they part of me.  My shadowy hands work the indifferent flesh.

“Why would you do that?” The words hang.  There is no trace of whom spoke it.

Echoes emptiness fills.  The coldness adds another layer of ice.  

“My dear, it’s the charcoal from my soul!” I realize she noticed after all 

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #134 – Charcoal 

  1. Fascinating take,marking the years on her. Not thinking she notices, but truly she does. Yet there seems to be so much heart break between them and sorrow, yet “the charcoal” of her soul, seems to kind of hopeful. Like even though they hurt each other, they fit after all.

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