My Angel

“Angel came down from Heaven yesterday.  She stayed with my long enough to rescue me.” I recanted my vision. 

My friend looked in awe, his face somehow different.  I couldn’t find shock,or disbelief.  He sat quiet.  His contoured black hair and neat goalie.  His high set cheekbones, nor his black eyes budged.  He just smiled.

“So she came down from the sky… it was a ball of light.   That unfolded. Her long pure white hair…a prefect halo.  She landed in a kneeling position.  As she rose, huge white wings extended about her.  She must have been seven feet tall.   Eyes black as coal.  Face expressionless.  Her mouth didn’t move but she spoke in song.  The only thing was her shadow had no hair and the wings were pointed or broken.” I try to not be a mad man,which makes it worse.

My friend smile grows.  I never noticed his ears being so pointy.  Her holds his coffee cup like a vise as I speak.  It steams. His mouth parts briefly “You looked at her eyes and shadow?!”

I’m stunned. Why did I?  The perfect creature and I’m looking at things about her.   She said my Earthly concerns would be a thing of the past tonite.  I deflect. 

“It was odd.   Yes, but I was in awe. Tonite… I take her hand.  It will change my life. My troubles gone.” I stay on point. 

“All your Earthy concerns will be gone.” He speaks in a different voice.

“That’s what she said!  Exactly!”  My ears catch up with my mind.  I didn’t say that to him.  How does he know? I nervously keep my smile.   But I’m scared all of a sudden.

First line and song used as prompt is “Angel” written by Jiminy Hendrix.  The link is to another version by Rod Stewart

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