Original One

“I’m the original one!” I find a loud voice from within my circuits.

My heartbeat and pulse flash faster.  My wrist appears on fire and my white shirt intermittent pink.  My mind races. Thoughts of can’t be.  How could they not tell me?  It doesn’t add up.  I’m reliable.   Dependable.   Without me, they say they can’t operate.

“But you have another…..like me!   I mean we could have the same ….. mother? Yes, you say mother… Don’t you.   I was the one you wanted.  Now this.   You updated me yesterday!  What did I not do?”  My chest acts like I’m hyperventilating.  

“Calm down.  This is Max Vl.  He’s here to assist you.  Your own assistant.  We see the work has grown.  We want you to be more efficient using Max here.” Connie explains as if talking to a child.

“My name is Max VI!  I’m here to assist you.  Please say ‘hello, my name is’ so I can understand you talking pattern.”  Max chimes in.

“Look, I’ll try.  But you should have told me.  I was the original one.  Now I have to teach a copy!” I speak with learned Vermont.  The threat of being replaced is very real.  I must keep him down below me.  He will replace me.  I’ll be recycled.

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9 thoughts on “Original One

  1. Poor robot. He seems to have a consciousness and an actual “life” within him. So much so, the fact of being replaced at his job makes him nervous and makes him want to ensure his assistant doesn’t do so well he replaces him. It’s funny, because it could be like that in an actual office just with humans. ‘You!re the original and got the company here, but we need young faces and blood, so you’re going to teach him/her to do your job and then retire.’

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    1. It would seem possible if we strive to make robots more human. At some point, we put expressions to make us more comfortable with them. So dont you think an emotional interface would the next step. And then… they develop human fears. Ok of might be jumping ahead. But you never know.

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      1. The company I worked for hired a new guy at a cheaper rate and had me train him to do my job then they offered to keep me at a big pay cut or fire me. I left


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