On My Way

My path like a dune field

Clarity lacking here goes there

My footsteps vanish behind me

Where and when both fail

Shifting sands are moments lost

Transposed and moved windward

They rest in a stack of millions

I seek to find the right one

But walk on instead

Too many lost 

I define today by the past. 

Clear in mind, distant thoughts

The horizon is an enemy 

Cowering in shadows

Retreating as I advance

The wind moves me 

The sand keeps me away

I carve a line in the sand

There’s no trace I was here

I tell myself to go forward

Sometimes it’s only backwards 

13 thoughts on “On My Way

      1. Well, we have had 11 people through the house in 8 days. One realtor twice. But no offer yet. It’ll work out. Maybe not on my time table. But a year from now, it’ll be a memory


      2. I thought so because it was in three days they saw it twice. My realtor told us that most houses go in 3 to 5 showings in our area. So it seems like we have something weird because the only comments are our 1100 square foot house is too small. And the main rooms are open or have an eight foot passageway between them


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