Hiding the Wine

Written for a challenge called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writers, details can be found at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/fffaw-challenge-week-of-october-11-2016/

Mildred needed her evening potion.  The day had been enough.  The clock never let her breath.  Too many ‘one more’things at work.  The oven decided to run hot today and produce the well done dinner of shoe leather texture.  The realization that she can’t just abandon her family.  There was one cure.

Mildred pulled out the step stool.  At the top of the shelves rests liquid muscle relaxer.  Antares, the eye of the bull when you look skyward.  But looking toward the ceiling, it’s just Merlot.  She moves quiet not to draw attention.  Lest she have another job of cocktail waiteress.  He’s the very reason she has to hide the bottle where work is required to have a glass.

27 thoughts on “Hiding the Wine

  1. Interesting take. I wonder how the muscle relaxant potion makes her feel, just relaxed and easy going? I used to take muscle relaxant pills for a side effect of medication. I assume they were a much lower dose but they just took away the muscle pain in my neck and back.
    Great job on this! Also, letting you know your interview came out today on my blog. Hope you like it and share with your readers if you want to repost.


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    1. Thank you darling. Either can change your mindset. The first step in letting go. I saw the shelves and thought the wine was the best ingredient to cook up story. I saw the links earlier but have been cleaning a garage all day. So I just got to it. Thanks again.

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