For want

My eyes like to hold things.

Pretty things, old things, 

Things with character

Or broken Interestingly

There’s a mind value

A reason I need it

I’m never sure why

But to have it is all I need

This time, for now, when I see it

Reason is too busy to ask

Places to hold my treasure

They become fewer by the day

Reasons to add more never do

It’s only when you raid the nest

You see the squirrels nut pile

Do we ask do we need this?

Yes, we want.  Because we need

We want because it could be needed

We want because someone else will

What if they had it?

Then I might need it

Want clouds my eyes

It tells me things are missing

Want makes me whole

Want drives me til later

When I’ll need these things


7 thoughts on “For want

  1. A great poem and I free with PJ it definantly seems be about wanting things we don’t necessarily need, or at least, not right now. Perhaps, later? Good luck selling things, you’all figure it out. I’m not the best sales lady either but I did work in a store and complimenting people or tuning into their interests always helped me to sell merchandise.

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    1. I was in retail management for 7 years. I could add on things like crazy and build better sales. I preferred selling best stuff we sold to eliminate returns. But used stuff is ten replies saying I want that. Then noone shows up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean. I assume you are having some type of yard sell or house sell. You just need to advertise, advertise, advertise to draw the right people to your sale.


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