The Fog Walker – Photo Challenge #133

The chill of October takes the sky away.  It’s sharp little teeth pierce the skin.  I walk out of the forest.  Pine sing as the baughs dance with gentle breeze.  My eyes fall flat to the brown of fallen grasses.  The dark green of the pine sullen the mood.

It’s a scene of desolation.  The coming of deep slumber of Mother Nature.  Stark has a beauty that stops your breath. But for the want of the taste of summer air.  

The warm lake feeds the colder air.  Tentacles of mist clump into a curtain.  They swirl into a woven cloth.  Tapestries of nothing.  Like a stage in muted light, the lake waits to offer the performance of spirits.  Only in the quiet, lost moments does the lakes guard let down.

A flash of Emerald.  Glitter lost in the dull sheen.  Life in a cemetery waiting for its fill. Her delicate form flashes in the mist.  Like catching one single snowflake as it descends.  She tumbles.  She dances.  She plays hide and seek with the light.  She always wins at this game.

My eyes blink in disbelief.  The Fog walker.

Written as part of a challenge called photo challenge, details are available at


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