Never Ever Buy Anything Again

I’m in week two of “how the hell did we get this much crap in this house?” Phase.  Since I’m a multitasking person (never completes things before starting another project). So there’s second simultaneous sense of “why do we buy more stuff, when there is no room for what we have!”.   Pair these thing up and a child is born called clutter.  Like failure, clutter is an orphan.  There aren’t parents responsible for it.  Immaculate conseption is probably not responsible either.

  But what if a demon really had semi-divine powers…. I mean it explains things.  What if really twisted world things were the work of these evil beings.  The nature to collect things is fed by greed.  Rather well run and with a great marketing team too! After all, if I need to paint and there is a pile of stuff on the work bench..why not buy the 3 pack of rollers!  It will mean not having to buy more next time. ( I have found 3 of these 3-packs with two rollers left ).  

Then that painting thing.  I’m moving in case I have failed to mention it in half the posts over the last several weeks.  I started out a white male, now I’m multi-colored.  Bright white from the outside of the house. Black from the trim of the window around the house.  Dark beige from one room, grey from another.  A different form of grey from the concrete floors in basement.  It cleans up really well, if you don’t count fingers, fingernails,and the back of the arms where people close to you fail to say “Hey idiot you have paint on the back of your arms!  How the hell did you do that?  Did you get any on the walls?!”.  The last part is a commentary on marriage.   A proper spouse will only mention these things when you are going someplace together.

I have also entered into the world of Real Estate.  Beware of anything that tells you that it is REAL.  No one should have to remind you of that. Not means there is no possible way anything that will happen is either REAL or will ever be explained without 78 forms with boxes and comment sections. The same demons who are responsible for the collecting crap got promoted at work and the write contracts for e-transactions now!!  Nothing like checking a box seven times and filling out a comment and ending up at the top of the same page with a new box saying please select which options are pretenient.  Then the box says by selecting any option you must resale this document.

But I’m in my break period right now. I have Togo back to finding a can of paint to touch something else.  I have replaced three trim pieces that were not right for 12 years.  So I can touch up another place and add another color to my body.  Then take a pill or open the borboun up….Both definitely both!  

Did I mention never buy anything?!



4 thoughts on “Never Ever Buy Anything Again

  1. With me, most of the clutter I’ve accumulated over the years are from: 1. I will use an item in the near future; 2. I need a particular item now, but rarely/never used again; 3. Repurposed an item which eventually became storage to hold more stuff.

    It wasn’t until I decided to give my apartment a badly needed overhaul that I realized how much crap I stored away over the years. Most of the stuff I had forgotten that I had.

    Slowly but surely I am decluttering and now adopting for the minimalist approach.

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