Time Slips

Time is an illusion 

The world bends light

We pretend clocks work

Time waits for noone

It hides and pounces

In fits and bounds moving

Restless and stoic, shadowy

Sundials, hourglass, watch

Sorry but they all lie

A moment of passion

A moment of disbelief 

A moment of sorrow

Are they the same length

We calender years, lives

But we can not track time

Minute to minute it changes 

The past slides to a distant 


6 thoughts on “Time Slips

  1. “we cannot track time” I think you’ve hit it on the nose with this line. The others are beautiful too. But time a lifetime in a second, and a second feels like life time. Time is paradoxical I think.
    Great poem Mark 😉

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    1. I think we created time to mark certain events. Then we decide to quantify is in units. The problem is our hunter gathering minds look for patterns. Seconds are square pegs, our brains have round holes.

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      1. It’s very interesting Mark. I tend to agree with you. I think even beyond this, we see humanity in general works within a more linear time frame. This happened and this . . . But if we think of things like creation etc. And God, he doesn’t work in our kind of time. We have no perception of eternity. Nor do we know if seven days was really seven days as we see it at creation for example. Time is fascinating actually. Thanks for showing that.

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