My dusty world filled with memories

Nothing but images as proof

Tenuous strands, hints of what was

Illusions or thoughts, much the same

One never was real

Other cut to fit empty spaces 

Both lie on the floor trampled

Recent ideas stir dust bunnies

They gather and hide pieces

Distant memories hid in dust

Footprints the only sign of change

They belong to Noone now

My Ghosts 

I stand in background

I’ve been here before

My eyes see everything as you

My mind works differently

I see the mistakes and possibilities

I’ve made the most of both

I’m that voice telling you something 

My pull on you is weak 

I’m the reflection in the mirror

It only looks like I point opposite

Behind me in the shadows are we

Traces of the past hoping for a moment

I come from yesterday and ten years ago

The shine in your eye was once mine

The next time I see that spark

It’ll be in the past with me

Another page, another image that make

My Ghosts 

Pieces Scattered


1. Microlith (a tiny stone tool, often of geometricshape, made from a bladelet and mounted singlyor in series as the working part of a compositetool or weapon, especially during late UpperPaleolithic and Mesolithic times..)

2. Forward

3. Futile

4. Nothingness

5. Glitter

6. Eyes

7. Breath

8. Feral

9. Esurient (hungry, greedy)

10. Sillage (noun: the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn.)

11. Bramble

12. Exalt

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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Besieged by glittering eyes.  The foward sillage of feral brambles marks your passing.  My efforts futile to hold my breath.  Your exalted presence of nothingness and esurient full voids chewed into my soul.  My microlithic self rendered useless laying in pieces.

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Photo credit: Joy Pixley

An old man peers down a stairwell.   His tiny flashlight meets the modem convenience of motion detector controlled lighting.  His aged eyes claw at shadows to make out figures.  Nothing comes into focus. 

From stories up his castle has keep him safe.  From the outside, it’s well worn weathered face shows little of value here.  The floors creak and moan.   Walls pop and the day time heat leaves through  the roof.   Much like the old man, it lies in perpetual half awake mode. 

A small boy scurried across the floor.   A bouncing ball leads him.  

“Mommy ate the ghosts here?” A fragile voice of innocence carries. 

“No, darling! Ghosts are just for scary stories.” Mommy replies from an unseen place.

Ward looks down.   “Sonny, look up and you’ll see one!”

The old man smiles. Another family to occupy his time at last. 
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<a href=””>Silence</a&gt;


Deafening absence 

Sighs become great roars

Breaths torturous torrents of air

Eyes grow wary to find things

Matter becomes insignificant 

Mind fills in blanks

Heartbeats pulse in ears

The thud of leaves in the wind

Time suspends it’s motion

Moments are days

Seconds pass

And still the world

Only in distress

Does silence become pain

The chained heart beats slower

Freedom but a thought 


Sunshine Blogger Award

​A long time ago, a wonderful person named

The Rules are to this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog –done. 
  2. Answer 11 questions sent by person who nominated you . 
  3. Nominate 11 blogs to receive the award and write 11 new question. 

    List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and /or your blog. 

    So here the my questions and answers…

    1. What is the best thing you have experienced after you have start blogging ?  The people who take the time to read my posts or look at my pictures.   There are so many people who I enjoy exchanging thoughts and messages with.   It’s very fulfilling.

    2. The most adventures person you have ever met?  Actually, I may meet an 84 year old woman who was a teacher and volunteered to teach English in missionaries around the world during summer break. When Yugoslavia was behind the iron curtain (communist dictatorship), she went there with a name on a piece of paper in her early 30’s.  She could speak French, English, and Latin  (I know it’s only a written language). She traveled the world 56 countries doing this. 

    3. Who is the most important person in your life ? Why? 

    My wife would be that person. Although there are many things about her that drive me crazy,  my life with her has been awesome.   We have traveled the US extensively.  Together we are moving to our dream location to stay the next chapter of our lives in high desert, small mountain town. 

    4. What is the best thing you have done during your college days ? 

    Well, there’s a lot of different answers I could use here.   Most of them I’m sure I couldn’t be charged with anymore.   In a kindly response, I worked with local school teaching physics and chemistry in a lab to freshman and sophomore high school kids.   They were from poor neighborhoods.   And we were told they were underprivileged,  I had a couple tell me the same thing.   I learned what a label can do to someone.   They were as good as any kid in my middle classed school was.   

    5. Have you ever create the password by the name of your dear ones ? Who? 

    Only my first cat.  For some reason, it seemed secure.  But I have read so much about fishing and hacking, I wouldn’t use anyone’s name any more

    6. Which is your best memory ? 

    This qualifiesad another tough question.   We make to many memories in life.   The most recent would be when I found out I had a transfer accepted to relocate to America’s Southwest.   I will be working outside in a pave with broad horizons and a very mild four seasons 

    7. What is life for you ? 

    Life is finding another adventure.   Embracing new things and old experiences.   Seeing the world like a child and marveling in how amazing a place we live

    8. What is the best thing you have done for your parents ? 

    My father passed away due to a rare glandular cancer.  In his last year, I was able to help my parents get things in order fit his eventual passing.   I helped my father with physical therapy so he could walk around the house with a walker.   I added a stairway to let him access the rear deck on their house.   I helped selling off trailer and car.  It was sad to see my father subcome to a horrific disease, but it gave my parents peace knowing almost everything was taken care of ahead of time. 

    9.Is there any instance of kindness or humanity  , you admire ? 

    I’m guessing on what the intention of the question is here.   I have a great deal of respect for people who rescue animals.   There are many times people have no business having pets.   I have seen Pele move and leave an animal without food in a house figuringsomeone else will find the animal.   I have seen peole make dogs vicious by leaving them to live outdoors with little human contact.   These require people with hearts of gold to rehabilitate an distrout animal.   

    10.Any place you visited and wanted to visit back ? 

    The world full of them. As far as places I have only been once, Rocky Mountain National Park and Chechin Itza in Mexico would be highest in the list.   It’s hard to beat a giant pyramid but I do love mountains

    11. What is your favorite hobby , you usually do in your treasure time ? 

    My favorite hobby has become writing.   It frees the mind and allows you to create images and people.   But travel is the treasure time

    Normally this section should be victim list.   However, people I am in process of moving across a very large country.   So it’s been weeks to fill this out.   Since these questions worked my brain well….I’ll nominate anyone who reads this for this lovely award.   ☺

    My Happy Place

    I awoke from a dream

    Nightmare with demons 

    Horrible people ran everything

    Looks from the outside chilly

    But awoke in place I know

    The Sun is a bit brighter now

    The voices are softer,friendly

    I was gone awhile 

    Maybe I was a ghost

    My happy place was all round

    I was no stranger here

    I just thought I was


    He nervously twitches.  His polebean shape emphasizes his skinny frame.  His bowl style haircut is pure home grown.  His smile a loose collection of slightly pointed teeth hidden by narrow lips.  His skin lacks sufficent color.  But he maintains a glowing smile.

    It’s the new beginning.  Willard turned of age at 21. His week very hectic. The adoptive home is longer a place for him.   He left the dusty horsebarnfor the Casino worker life.  No more shit boy jokes.  The $50 a week pay is history. He has spread some wings.  The roost that held him in has been opened.  All those things to do when you’re free rush forth grabbing him by the ankle.  The pulse of life beats strong.  The pulse counted by machines that flash, chime, ding, create images of things unseen.  There are no worlds he has witnessed.  So this is everywhere.
    His mind sees people as objects.  Some recycled versions.  Some characters of movies and shows.  They are different from the black and white versions.  But the faces seem so vaguely similar.  It takes away the stigma home branded him with.