The great threat is always inside.

Quiet things lie within

Neat little knots holding down

Raw, unkempt edges simmer

Little hands pet anger like a dog

It’s growl held but not missing 

Deep recesses craved beneath 

Smooth surfaces are deceiving

We are always surprised by silence

Calculating torrents wait patiently 

Undercutting control, overwhelming

It’s passing unseen, its trail wide

Beware what lies in Silence

5 thoughts on “Silence 

  1. This poem is well written and catching. Truthful as well. It reminds me how some people’s tempers work, slow to boil, but when they do get angry they are crazy. Also makes me think if how you can never tell so much of ape rain from the outside, serial killers and other Gillian’s aren’t necessarily all like Lord Voldemort on the outside — but within they’re demons.

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    1. I’ve had Disturbed’s version of “Sound of Silence ” running through my head. It has the rage of the words better than the original that lulls you into a comfy feeling. The social testimony is probably as good as it was then. The power of convenience in staying quiet and silence to when things are right. It covers so many things. The subtle visions are awesome, the implications are damn scary. I’m happy I could convey the hostility and conflict. Thank you darling

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      1. You’re welcome. I love the disturbed version as well as the original. Somehow Disturbed managed to come out with a unique version of the song, it’s gritty and powerful.

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