The crumbled edges have long lost their golden guiding.  Distressed is the single prominent feature left.  Years and seasons have ever taken a horrible toll.  Empty spaces fill what once were windows brightly lite from within.  Once a grand, majestic lady has passed to an overlooked blighted mess.

In the breeze, tatters of long forgot cloth flap.  Either indicating life was once there, or it could hide what was there once from the present. Morning dawns last in a darkened alley.  It draws her to her feet.   The sunlight shines dimly on her facade of a life left.

<au href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/facade/”>Facade</a&gt;

2 thoughts on “Facade 

  1. Nice to read your prompt; facade. I looked at this word myself and I thought, what could I write and I was stumped, so it has been good reading yours and others.


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