Photo credit: Bluffton University

I’m undone

Rather unfinished

There’s things to work on

Working out ideas and flaws

Or is it character and traits?

Hard to tell from the inside

I build and rebuild, then paint

Is this the way it should appear? 

Have I exaggerated too much? 

I peer out to see the rest of you

Not how I want to be…

I need different but similar

My chisel makes lasting sweeps

My hammer rudely guides it

I want subtle but destiny isn’t 

From my  changing perspective 

I recreate the image to fit

But always remains unfinished 

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/unfinished/">Unfinished</a>

8 thoughts on “Unfinished 

  1. You know unfinished isn’t always bad. Often, it just means there’s potential or a piece or arts un finished look gives character or relates a message. Art can be many things, defining it is the problem. Sometimes as is life.

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    1. We are all works in progress. There are times we overwork how things should be. And there are times we are convinced nothing need to be done. But we always evolve into something different and somehow maybe the last to know. 😀

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    1. It’s a great piece of sculpture! I have visited the gardens several times, and it’s feel of how we make ourselves is incredible. And how we are molded as well. Thank you very much. 😀


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