​Her pulse races.  Ears ring from heartbeats.   Her eyes dart.  No vision just images. Cascading fears darken the world. 

 A bead of sweat.  Flash of heat shots from head to toe.   Moments now hours.  Trapped.  Like a glass box.  Reduced to a statue.

In a flash.  Attacked.  Ambushed.  Panic swallows her whole.  A trembling hand finds a knife.   The knife finds a back. 

Olivia collapses 

<a href="">Panic</a>

8 thoughts on “Panic 

  1. Poor Olivia meant a grim end. I like how you used all short sentences, the staccato effect reflected Olivia and her darting around, looking for her attacker, before she is finally attacked. Great write 🙂

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