“I think back. It was so clear.  Those lovely dark eyes, magically lite obsidian mirrors. I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then.”  My words fade.  I hope I spoke out loud.  If it matters I’m not sure. Validation in speech.  Hope another soul hears my words.  Either way I hold my final curse.  Why is unknown even to me.

I stare into the eyes of a stranger.  So binding, but unknown.  I’m familiar with all that attaches to those eyes.  The moments I have lost in those arms.  The body around them.  I’m a fool.  A lonely, overthinking fool.   It was a dream, nightmares are dreams.  We often forget that part.  A smile flashes.  God, I love the smile.  It melts my heart.  It consumes me.  That was a warning.  Life is never what it appears to be.  We never think it happens to us.  Damn.  The pain is in my back.  The smile was the most real part of her.  In a flash, I’m weak.  My back a location for deceit. 

A little more


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