Montezuma’s Castle, Arizona 

In North central Arizona there are many things to do outside.  Nature and history come together here.   Minutes off I17 and less than hour from Sedona, Montezuma’s Castle is great stop.   

The dwelling is from 1400 to 1600, used by the Sanagria before they migrated north east.   The cliff dwellings were built by the women. Logs were lifted using ropes made by yucca fibers.  Se of these logs were over a ton in weight. Plaster from mud filled or the walls.   While repairs were common, the structure stayed in tact with little attention for centuries.  

This is the neighbor’s house.  Five stories were bulky here but didn’t have that great overhang.  The more bleached white face shows some nature cave like dents.  Below the first floor rooms still have walls in place.  The views of the Castle change quite 

The two images above are Montezuma’s Well.  This was once an underground pool.  Then the top collapsed.  Much later the Sanagria found it.   The water contains water that runs underground for centuries before it pops up here.   It’s has the weird high concentration of Carbon dioxide that kills any fish or frog.   Leeches, diatomaceous, algae, water scorpions are about all that is here.   The well actually drains to a creek just outside the well area. The hike is about 1/2 mile loop.  


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