I Have a New Home!

There’s a place in Arizona.  Crazy people leave other parts of the country to come here. Hell, the valley of the Sun empties out here during summer.   Mild four seasons.  There’s a disparity in age and money isn’t as noticeable until of try to rent or buy a house.  So a couple hundred miles later.  Eight realty companies visited.  And I found two places.  One in a free paper, very affordable but one bedroom and nice lot.  One with a tiny lot, two bedrooms and a bath and a half.  We are leaving a deposit on the two bedroom place.

It’s not the city I’ll work in  but at five miles away…almost too close. The funny part is we had relinquished that though of options.  We went through another trailer park (6 total toured).  After going through about sixty of seventy properties, we see a sign in the window of a trailer.  I have taken pictures of lot and trailers along the way. So I call the number right away.  And in ten minutes, I’m inside with a neighbor touring it.  It’s very nice for the size and age.  It’s what we can live in not what we can deal with.

We go back in a couple days to leave deposit.  Relocation is not a usual celebration ceremony.  This could be one. 😃

12 thoughts on “I Have a New Home!

    1. It’s a hard place to find affordable housing. We got lucky and drove through trailer parks. The elderly were hanging out and stopped us to see what we were looking for. Then pointed us in the right direction. We spent 45 minutes with an awesome couple who had traveled to 56 countries and invited us in to see their trailer. My new post office is tiny and true small town folk running it. Thank you darling! 😆

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      1. That’s nice! Except for the 15′ from your neighbor. At least it will give you something to live in and more time to find something else – if you don’t like living that close to your neighbors.

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      2. It’s means noone can afford to buy a house. The rents increase til the bubble bursts and crime takes off. There are section of town where crime (staking and break ins) are r common place. Drugs are blamed but if the average age is $12/hour how do you pay $900/month?


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